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MD Anderson

So I'm going to look for receipt paper on the Mobile Unit so that I can finally process all of the credit cards from Saturday's event when my mother-in-law sends me a message.

At first, I think it's a negative message. "When it rains it pours," she says, "Standby for an important phone call."

I'm like: WTF. I'm WTFing because I assume it's Godiva, my latest job attempt, calling to tell me that I don't qualify for the assistant manager position or somesuch. So, I call up good ol' mom and ask her about it: She sounds giddy, which strikes me as strange as the bearer of bad news, but it turns out that she meant it completely different than I took it.

MD Anderson called. They want to set up an interview with me.

It's been three months. I didn't expect them to call me back anymore - but here they are. Calling me. They didn't call my cell phone yet, which I can only suspect is because the method of interview changed while they were talking to ol' mom-in-law. She mentioned that I was just out there a week and a half ago - cheerily, of course. This prompted a 'oh, maybe we can set up a phone interview, then!' remark.

We speculate she, a recruiter I've actually spoken to in the past, needed to chit chat with the manager wanting to speak to me first. So, now we sit and wait.

Yet, this is the thing - this is a miracle in the making. If I get this job, I cannot do any better right now. They pay well and they offer more benefits/incentives than I've ever seen in my life. It's amazing what they do for their employees. It may finally be the break that Dani and I have needed.

...I have got to get this job.


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